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As part of developing simulations for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle project I developed a MATLAB interface to the JavaProp utility written by Martin Hepperle. JavaProp is a great tool for calculating the performance of propellers and the MATLAB routines allow you to call it's functions so you can apply your own optimisation. There are also examples and stuff to get you started. The routines are available on Martin's site here.

C for PIC Microcontrollers

During development of the Sensor Controller electronics I have developed various pieces of code that I have decided to make open source. These are normally just small bits that can help people out when developing their own projects. My coding style is very verbose and normally includes lots of comments. Any of the newer stuff should be commented to work with the freeware Doxygen documentation generator.


The routines provided here are really old now but they do work and should definitely help you if you are trying to write your own interface for any microcontroller. They use the SPI routines from the CCS Compiler which will need to be reimplemented along with a few other small helper functions if you are not using it. This shouldn't be too hard for a undergraduate student in electronics or computer science. If you're choosing a compiler I probably wouldn't reccomend CCS unless you only want to write short simple stuff in which case it can be fast to get started.

The routines were originally written for a 16f876 which doesn't have enough RAM to buffer the entire 512 Byte blocks to be written to the MMC. It uses an EEPROM attached to the I2C interface as a temporary buffer instead. This is all pretty slow and easy to change if you have enough RAM on your device. Using the circuit diagram below you need to run your PIC with a 3.3 V supply but if you need to run it at 5 V you can get a level translator, I recommend the MAX3392 which I have found works great at 10 MHz.


Circuit for connecting a PIC to and MMC

Simple circuit diagram for connecting a PIC to an MMC