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The Register is a great news site if you're a geek, it has all kinds of technology related news and is pretty funny as well. If you want to know what's going on with technology stuff, you should read it.
The Register
The Inquirer is an offshoot of The Register and is a great news site in its own right, especially if you are looking for hardware news.
The Inquirer
Dilbert is one of my favourite comics although it is super geeky. I think the dryness of the humour is what I like the most, and the evil. To avoid all the advertising/flash related rubbish use the secret 'fast' page.
xkcd is another great comic which comes out twice a week, this is more science geeky than engineering geeky like Dilbert.


Anandtech is my favourite computer hardware site, with massive in depth reviews of all the important stuff. If you want to know how your computer really works, or are looking to get some upgrades, this is the place to go.
I guess Facebook has to feature here as I do use it a lot. If you're looking for any photos I've taken, they are all on here now as it lets me have some access control.