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Underwater Sensors

Part of my work involves developing embedded electronic control systems for oceanographic sensors. One of the challenges we are currently working to overcome is to operate complex electronics for long periods without pressure housings or temperature stability. The facilities at the National Oceanography Centre allow us to pressure test devices over long periods and at low temperatures. This work should lead to smaller, cheaper and more reliable sensors.

Electronics for the Incubator project

Electronics for the deep sea Incubator project

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

My Engineering Doctorate was based around the development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for oceanographic science. The project got to he point of deploying the vehicle from the RRS Discovery in October 2008. Since then hardware development has stopped and I've written my thesis. It's possible the project will continue but it is very dependent on either NERC or EPSRC showing an interest in funding this technology. At the moment it looks like they will invest in very large, high altitude vehicles rather than smaller ship launched systems. If I find the time I might run some undergraduate projects to continue the work in parallel with the sensor development work.

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Oceanographic Applications (pdf)

Video of the UAV Launch from the RRS Discovery

Curriculum Vitae

If you're interested you can get my CV here.